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The CGYHA executive committee is losing a valuable member of its executive team. Robert Weiss, the Vice-President is leaving the community, so will no longer be able to serve.

We would like to reach out to residents for a volunteer who might be interested in filling the VP position. The duties required are outlined in the Constitution which can be found here on the website.

Thank you to Robert Weiss for his years of service and dedication to the community!

If you are interested in filling the position or would like more information, please contact us by email at cgyha@outlook.com.


CGYHA executive committee

Dealing with Damaged Shorelines

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Dealing with Damaged Shorelines

RIDEAU VALLEY WATERSHED, Thursday, June 15, 2017 — Recent high waters have caused erosion damage and damage to shoreline structures, particularly east of Cumberland along the Ottawa River and in the upper reaches (Tay Valley Watershed) of the Rideau Valley Watershed.

The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) recognizes that some of the remedies for damage may need more than just a minor “tweak”.

This is a reminder to all landowners to check with your local Conservation Authority to see if approval is required prior to doing any “clean-up” work along your shoreline (e.g., shoreline stabilization or repair to shore works, erosion control, dock construction, etc.). There are also restrictions to when you can undertake in-water work and possibly other approval agencies that require consulting depending on where you are in the watershed (e.g., Parks Canada and Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests).

The best thing to do is contact your local Conservation Authority to see if there are any restrictions or approval requirements. In the Rideau Watershed, call the RVCA’s Resource Specialists at 613-692-3571 or 1-800-267-3504 ext. 1128 and 1132. You can also visit the RVCA website at http://www.rvca.ca and look for the “After the Flood” link. Be sure to read the document entitled Guidelines for Shore Works in the Rideau Valley Watershed to help you with your project. In cases of severe erosion, funding may be available through Rural Clean Water Grants. RVCA Resource Specialists can guide you towards next steps required to make application to receive funding. Information on these grants is also available on the RVCA website.

The riparian zone (the area along the shores of our creeks, rivers and lakes) is an important area for wildlife and water quality. Trees and shrubs along the riparian zone provide a vegetative buffer that provides shelter and food for wildlife while intercepting upland nutrients. Trees and shrubs also provide valuable erosion protection. They are extremely resilient. Don’t be too quick to remove shoreline plants. Instead, give damaged plants the opportunity to respond with natural regrowth. Corrective pruning may suffice. If you are interested in naturalizing your shoreline, contact the RVCA for details on their Shoreline Naturalization Program or visit the website.

Waterfront property owners will want to remove any fallen branches and debris from their shoreline to ensure the unaltered and uninterrupted flow of water. Be sure not to dispose of garbage, debris or sandbags in the river. Check with your local municipality for local disposal options.


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For more information:
Diane Downey
RVCA Director of Communications
613-692-3571 or 1-800-267-3504 ext. 1126

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Aston Woods Park clean up and
an abundance of mosquitoes


There have been a number of concerns raised by residents about the ‘clean up’ after the tree removal by the City of Ottawa in Aston Woods Park area and about an abundance of mosquitoes in the community.

There were several blockages/encumbrances left behind which has created areas where water has pooled and become stagnant. This has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes (in an area already bad for mosquitoes) making it unbearable for residents in the area.

We ask that residents share their concerns by contacting the City of Ottawa and ask them to clear the blockages that were left behind by the tree removal crew and/or spray the area ASAP so that residents can enjoy their time outside this summer.

 You can contact the City of Ottawa by dialing 311 or contact City Councillor, Scott Moffatt by email and ask him to share our concerns with the City.


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Monday, May 29th
First Tee Off: 4 PM

nine & dine

Register by email at cgyha@outlook.com  before Friday May 26th
 Please put ‘nine and dine’ in the subject line

Neighbours: Come try out the course with your friends and neighbours and enjoy a great dining experience right in your community.

Carleton Golf Members: Bring out a neighbour or two (or more!) and show off your home course.

The event will be “a la carte” as follows:

-Nine holes of golf: $20 (for non-members – please pay at Pro Shop prior to tee off)
-Flex members: regular Flex golfing fees apply.
-Cart Rental: $12.50
-Dinner: We will order off the menu for best selection.




Lost Drone

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A DX-3 Drone was lost somewhere in the area around 6590 Marina Drive. It went towards the back of the lots on the golf course side. If anyone has any information on its whereabouts please contact us and we will see it is returned to the owner. Thank you.

CGYHA AGM 2017 Update

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The 2017 AGM and Pub Night was a successful event attended by 78 members.

Scott Moffatt, City Councillor for Rideau-Goulbourn discussed the commencement of work on the expansion of the Manotick Arena; The Remembrance Park Project and its grand opening on July 2nd and the Road Project that will begin in the area in 2018.

Winners were drawn from those who renewed their annual membership at the AGM.

Allison Smith & Alex Jodoin – Dining Membership at Carleton Golf & Yacht Club
Ann Greenwood  – Wellness Basket courtesy of VisTree Naturopathic Clinic
Mike McKenna – a CGYHA mug courtesy of Robert Weiss
Cliff Mavis – a bottle of wine courtesy of CGYHA
Deb Parsons – a bottle of wine courtesy of CGYHA

The CGYHA executive committee, thanked both Lisa Geraghty and Mike Dickey for their many years of contribution to the committee and to the community. Thank you, Lisa and Mike!


The executive committee would like your help with suggestions for additional community events. If you have ideas for events you would like to see in the community, please send us an email with your suggestions to cgyha@outlook.com.

We would also like to ask community members to help out with upcoming events whenever possible.  If  you’d like to help out, please send us an email with “event volunteer”  in the subject line so we can add you to a list of volunteers we can reach out to during CGYHA events.

We are also looking for another street rep, if you are interested in volunteering please call Nancy Mandigo at 613-692-4868.


Saturday, June 10, 2017
(Rain date: Sunday, June 11)
8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Rain Brings Water Levels Up On Rideau

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Rideau Valley Conservation Authority issued a statement on expected water levels through the weekend. To learn more visit their website.