Should be .ca or something else? by Jimmy Kim

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This is a topic that comes up every time our website is discussed.  Should be .ca or .org?  The reasons are simple for both sides.  Back in 2005 when was registered we did not qualify to get  At that time you had to be a national organization to get .ca domain names.  Does anyone remember ie. would have been ours back then.  So the choice was between or  Due to the cost of buying and maintaining multiple domain names was chosen.

Fast forward to 2014.  The national requirement for .ca domains names is no longer required and domain names now cost about $9/year to register.

The argument for keeping is simple.  People are used to it.  We don’t want to confuse people by changing anything!  The argument for changing to a .ca name is that it is Canadian and changing to .org because most non-profit groups use it.  Or is there another choice out there?,,, and are all pointing to this website.  Try them out and vote for your favorite!