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Aston Woods Park clean up and
an abundance of mosquitoes


There have been a number of concerns raised by residents about the ‘clean up’ after the tree removal by the City of Ottawa in Aston Woods Park area and about an abundance of mosquitoes in the community.

There were several blockages/encumbrances left behind which has created areas where water has pooled and become stagnant. This has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes (in an area already bad for mosquitoes) making it unbearable for residents in the area.

We ask that residents share their concerns by contacting the City of Ottawa and ask them to clear the blockages that were left behind by the tree removal crew and/or spray the area ASAP so that residents can enjoy their time outside this summer.

 You can contact the City of Ottawa by dialing 311 or contact City Councillor, Scott Moffatt by email and ask him to share our concerns with the City.