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Neighbourhood Watch


The following incident occurred on Saturday, September 30, 2017 at approximately 5:40 p.m. and was reported to the Homeowners’ Association.  It was described by our community member as follows :

My husband and I were walking up Upton Road from Rideau Valley Dr. N. with our daughter in the stroller. Our friends who live on Upton were on the opposite side of the road heading west towards us. Our 6-year-old son biked the short distance ahead to meet them. We were at approximately 1274 Upton Rd when a van approached from the East and an older woman with curly hair in a dark blue or black VW Golf hatchback approached from the West. The van saw us and the other car approaching and had stopped completely before reaching our friends. We heard the VW Golf revving up before we even saw it. It was speeding so fast that we had no time to react to get our son to the side of the road. She had to have been going 60km/hr.  The VW screeched to a stop two feet in front of our 6-year-old on his bike and my friend with her 3 young children. If we had not dressed him in bright orange, she probably would have hit him. We got our son out of the way and without rolling down her window or acknowledging anything, she took off down Upton and turned right onto Aston Rd. The van rolled down their window to make sure we were ok and then continued on.  What can be done about the speeding in our neighborhood?  I have filed a police report but we were in shock so did not get a license plate.  If I see her again, I will update the report with her plate number.  Most cars slow right down when they see us, tonight was too close for us.

If you see this vehicle or witness an incident involving a speeding or suspicious vehicle, you are strongly encouraged  to report it to Ottawa Police Services. The Ottawa Police do investigate ALL reports including speeding vehicles.

A report can only be made by the individual who witnessed the incident – the CGYHA Executive cannot submit a report on behalf of anyone.

The number to call is (613) 236-1222 ext.7300  (to report a theft, missing person, speeding vehicles) OR to file an online report with the Ottawa Police Service click here.

The Homeowners’ Association requests that residents, visitors and contractors entering the community respect the posted speed limit which is 40 km/h. Slowing down saves lives.