Responsible and Safe Use of the Carleton Golf and Yacht Club Course During the Winter Months

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Dear CGYHA members:
Please see the message below from Jeff Moore, the new Club Manager at the Carleton Golf and Yacht Club regarding responsible and safe use of the golf course during the winter months.

Dear Carleton Golf and Yacht Club Homeowners:

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a wonderful and prosperous 2019. Happy New Year to you all!

My name is Jeff Moore and I am the new Club Manager at Carleton Golf and Yacht Club. Joel Trickey remains our expert Superintendent and valued senior staff member, who’s experience I am relying on daily.

I am also a homeowner in the community and greatly value the relationship between club members/staff and our community. I would like nothing better than to continue to build the bond between the homeowners and the club – we both offer considerable benefit to each other and I believe we have a lot to gain by working together.

To that end, we are pleased that many of you are enjoying the golf course in the off-season; whether it be cross country skiing, walking your dogs or just out getting some fresh air. One item that has been brought to our attention is the danger associated with skating on any of the various ponds on the golf course. Our weather has been very erratic to say to least, so please be careful in checking the ice conditions to make sure you are not pushing your luck on dangerous thin ice! Most of the ponds have active pumps working, even during the winter months, so there are currents in the ponds that can make certain areas thin, weak and dangerous!

Carleton Golf and Yacht Club is a private club and thus the property is also private – just like your own property. When out on the course, please be respectful of other homeowners as well as the course itself. Please stay off of the greens and tee boxes and as previously mentioned, be aware of the dangers of going on any of the frozen ponds.  Carleton Golf and Yacht Club recommends staying off of all frozen ponds for your safety and while we have no issues with your responsible enjoyment of the land, you do so at your own risk.

Please feel free to drop by the club to say hi. If you are unfamiliar with the club it would be our pleasure to show you around!

Kind regards,

Jeff Moore  |  Manager
613-692-3531 x223 | Mobile: 613-296-6685 |