Eligible Residents:
Aston Road, Bunker Road, Clingin Lane, Fairway Drive, Lewis Way, Marina Drive, Sutherland Road, Timagami Court, Upton Road, Woodland Place and Rideau Valley Drive from Upton Road to Roger Stevens Drive.

$20 supports your community!

Membership benefits:
1. Attend social events throughout the year (i.e. pub nights, street party, annual meeting, barbeques, dinners, entertainment).
2. A Phone book of members ordered by both name and house address is delivered to members houses. Includes advertising opportunities that support the association.
3. Helps residents start special interest clubs.
4. Access a neighbourhood website containing information of interest to residents (i.e. events, meetings, new residents, Golf Club offers, etc.) and subscribe to receive e-mails when news is posted.
5. The CGYHA forms committees as required to respond to anything that affects a majority of residents.
6. Meet your neighbours by working on the association or events.

Please fill out this form to update your information or to join the association. You will be contacted shortly. Thank you.

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