Test Your Household Water by Lisa Geraghty

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As residents of a rural community, household water comes from private wells. The safety of that water is the responsibility of individual homeowners. To protect the members of your household, ensure that  “well water is tested for bacteria three times a year and after major plumbing work.”*City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa offers free well water testing with rural drop-off locations close to our community. For more information on maintaining healthy well water and the rural drop-off schedule, use the following link:

Water ottawa.ca/en/residents/water-and-environment/wells

Family Fun Day in the Park by Lisa Geraghty

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Last Saturday, our neighbourhood “Family Fun Day in the Park” was a great success! Over 30 kids on bikes, trikes and in strollers were escorted to Echo Park by Ottawa Fire Services.  “Bri The Cowguy” thrilled the audience with his daring magic tricks and zany antics. Kids young and old participated in sack races, a tug of war, face painting and tattoo station. Hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings were served up along with snacks and refreshments, sponsored by Councillor Moffatt.

Thanks to all who donated their time, services and resources: Michael, Gareth, Lisa, Darlene, Tammy, Cassandra, Sean, Angelo, Karen, Marv, Jimmy, Bruce, M.J, Andrew and more! The event would not have been possible without the help of our neighbours and the efforts of our Events Coordinator, Darlene Mercer.



Ladies’ Nine & Dine by Nancy Mandigo

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Ladies Nine & Dine - Dinner Ladies Nine & Dine

The Carleton Golf and Yacht Club invited ladies in the neighbourhood to a “Nine & Dine”on Tuesday, June 3. There was no golf experience necessary and Club Members volunteered to play in each foursome. Chef Peter produced an amazing Italian Meal and, judging by the volume of chatter in the Dining Room, the neighbourhood was having a great time.

Lost & Found at Community Garage Sale

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Thank you to everyone who made the Annual Carleton Golf & Yacht Community Garage Sale a great success this year! Please be sure to thank Darlene for organizing another successful event!

A set of keys was found at 6442 Rideau Valley Dr. They include a Chevy key and a mailbox key. If you are the owner please contact us and we will get them back to you asap!

CGYHA.com wins!

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cgyha.com will be our primary domain name. cgyha.ca will still be active because it received enough interest to justify it’s existence. .org and .net have been disable. Thanks to godaddy’s liberal 48 hour refund policy the total cost to the association is zero. Thanks to those who voted from Japan and the Netherlands!

Should cgyha.com be .ca or something else? by Jimmy Kim

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This is a topic that comes up every time our website is discussed.  Should cgyha.com be .ca or .org?  The reasons are simple for both sides.  Back in 2005 when cgyha.com was registered we did not qualify to get cgyha.ca.  At that time you had to be a national organization to get .ca domain names.  Does anyone remember .on.ca? ie. cgyha.on.ca would have been ours back then.  So the choice was between cgyha.com or cgyha.on.ca.  Due to the cost of buying and maintaining multiple domain names cgyha.com was chosen.

Fast forward to 2014.  The national requirement for .ca domains names is no longer required and domain names now cost about $9/year to register.

The argument for keeping cgyha.com is simple.  People are used to it.  We don’t want to confuse people by changing anything!  The argument for changing to a .ca name is that it is Canadian and changing to .org because most non-profit groups use it.  Or is there another choice out there?

cgyha.ca, cgyha.org, cgyha.net, and cgyha.com are all pointing to this website.  Try them out and vote for your favorite!